The Innovation Fund announced a public call – 4.5 million euros for proposals for technological innovations

The Innovation Fund announced a public call for proposals for technological innovations under the Mini Grants and the Matching Grants Program. The Call for innovative projects is open from March 28th to July 1st, 2019 until 3 pm.

The purpose of these programs is to provide direct financial assistance to enterprises which operate in Serbia for up to three years, for research and development of innovative services, processes and products with market potential, in the amount of up to EUR 80,000 under Mini Grants Program and up to EUR 300,000 under Matching Grants Program. These programs aim at developing innovative technologies, products and services with a market application and great potential for commercialization.

These programs are financed from the IPA project „Development of innovative market-oriented products and services through research commercialization in micro and medium enterprises“. The total budget allocated for these two programs is EUR 4.5 million out of which EUR 2.5 million is European Union donation and two million from the budget of the Republic of Serbia.

Interested companies can find the information about the programs, application procedure and conditions on the Innovation Fund’s web site: