The project idea offers a solution for organic waste treatment with the use of an improved composting technology, based on acceleration of the composting process by introducing the phyto-bioreactor. In that way, the decomposition process is accelerated – carbon – dioxide released from composting is captured by the algal biomass added to the system, keeping it in the soil instead of releasing it into the air. In addition, pesticides and antibiotics that can be found in organic waste will degrade thanks to this new technology, while producing good quality compost safe for human use. The pilot facility is envisaged “as a place for promotion of composting methods and training of citizens” who can compost smaller quantities of their own organic waste in their households.


Lead partner:

CSO Center for Promotion, Development and Application of Renewable Energy Sources - CENTRALA

Other Partners:

Public Utility Company Komunalac, Ruma Regional development agency SREM Ltd.