Polyurethane foams – end of waste

The project contributes to the efforts of promoting the circular economy (such as converting previous waste – namely cooling devices – into new raw material), thus directly reducing the release of one of the most powerful greenhouse gases into the atmosphere (the F-gases). In the first phase, separation of approximately 10 t of Freon will lead to 16,525 t of CO2 eq emission reduction per year. Moreover, polyurethane foam which is left after the Freon is separated will be converted into a new product which shall become an absorbent that collects oily liquids such as gasoline and petrol, in case of their uncontrolled leaking into the environment (hence preventing unintentional burning of fossil fuel and related GHG emissions).


Lead partner

Jugo-Impex E.E.R. Ltd.

Other partners

Waste Management Association "Zero Waste Serbia"