• Innovation Call “Action for Climate Positive Change” in Western Balkans

    The Fund for Innovation and Technology Development of Republic of North Macedonia, with support of United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), has announced Innovation Call on climate resilience “O2 Challenge II – ACTION FOR CLIMATE POSITIVE CHANGE“.

    The call is intended for micro, small and medium-sized companies seeking to develop an innovative product, service or process, independently or in cooperation with an institution carrying out a higher education or research activity, or another company and/or association from the country or the region of the Western Balkans (WB6), including Serbia.

    Application deadline is April 15th 2020, 23:59 pm.

    You can find more info here

  • Public call for the support for Civil Society Organizations projects of environmental protection

    Ministry of Environmental Protection of the Republic of Serbia published Public call for the support for  Civil Society Organizations projects of environmental protection in 2020.

    The goal of the Public call is to improve the environment protection within nature protection,

    environmental entrepreneurship, civic activism, strategic and environmental impact assessment, air pollution and noise protection, climate change (reducing greenhouse gas emissions) and/or adaptation to changing climate conditions.

    Deadline for applications is 20th February 2020.

    More about Public call you can find on the link.

  • Competition of the Ministry of Environmental Protection for the Green Fun

    The open competition of the Ministry of Environmental Protection for the Green Fund granting of funds through encouraging educational, analytic and developmental studies and projects will last until September 14th 2018.

    The goal of the competition is the development and protection of the environment through supporting studies and projects in the areas of education, development and research, in agreement with the goals defined in Serbia’s strategic documents. Requests for the granting of funds may also be submitted for the co-financing of phases in projects or studies lasting multiple years. The expected beginning of the chosen studies or projects is mid October 2018.

    Only establishments that are in the Science-Research Organization Registry have the right to submit requests, and the total available funds for the realization of the competition amount to 50 million dinars. Those who submit requests may achieve the right to the usage of funds, with the maximum being five million dinars and the minimum being 500 thousand dinars per project.

  • Fund grant competition opened for creating regional startup centers

    The Ministry for Innovation and Technological Development has started an open competition for granting funds as part of the Program for supporting the creation of regional innovative startup centers, which amount up to 250 million dinars.

    The goal of the program is to systematically enhance the innovative ecosystem through the support of the creation of regional innovative startup centers which will, together with similar centers in Belgrade, Novi Sad and Niš, provide the necessary conditions and equal opportunities for the realization of innovative entrepreneurial ideas in Serbia.

    Organizations from the innovative ecosystem are eligible to apply for the grants (scientific and technological organizations, industrial and innovative parks, incubators, accelerators) and will compete together with their local governments to prove that they have the capacities to open a regional innovative startup center.

    The grants are divided into three categories: up to 20 million dinars for the adaptation of space for the regional innovative startup center with the goal of providing the necessary infrastructural conditions for the startups’ business, up to 20 million dinars for supplies in order to provide the technical and technological conditions necessary, as well as up to 6 million dinars for the realization of the program and governing, in order to ensure sustainable business and support the startups.

  • Climate Launchpad started – a global green business ideas competition

    The Chamber of Commerce of Serbia and Climate KIC, this year too, organize the Climate Launchpad – the global competition of green business ideas in the field of environmental protection, climate change and sustainability. The deadline for applications is June 6, 2018.

    The goal of the competition is to focus on the potential of clean technologies to combat climate change. Eligible applicants are startups, researchers, students, organizations and companies. The selected candidates will receive intensive coaching in jumpstarting own business, as well as the possibility of presenting the business idea to potential investors and the international jury. The top 3 winners of each national competition will go on to compete in the Grand Final, and the top 10 competitors in the Grand Final will get direct access to the Climate-KIC Accelerator, EU programme for the start-up companies focused on green enterprises. The overall winner of the Grand Final receives € 10,000, the runner up gets € 5,000 and the idea that comes in third place wins € 2,500. More information on the competition, terms and application process you can find at:

  • The Innovation Fund announced a public call for proposals for technological innovations

    The Innovation Fund announced a public call for proposals for technological innovations under the Mini Grants and the Matching Grants Program. The invitation to submit applications for innovative projects is open from April 2nd to June 1st 2018, until 3 pm. For the duration of the public call, in April and May, the Fund will organize workshops and presentations of these two programs in municipalities and cities throughout Serbia.

    The purpose of these programs is to provide direct financial assistance to enterprises which operate in Serbia for up to three years, for research and development of innovative services, processes and products with market potential, in the amount of up to EUR 80,000 under Mini Grants Program and up to EUR 300,000 under Matching Grants Program. These programs aim at developing innovative technologies, products and services with market application and great potential for commercialization.

    The total budget allocated for these two programs in 2018 is RSD 400 million. Тhese programs are financed from the budget of the Republic of Serbia through the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development under the “Serbia Competitiveness and Jobs Project”, based on a loan agreement with the World Bank.

    Interested companies can find all information about the programs, application procedure and conditions on the Innovation Fund’s web site Applications are submitted electronically via the Innovation Fund’s online portal

  • Paid work practice in Europe, professional development and the ability to create change

    Climate-KIC, the organization that carries key activities of the European Union in the field of environmental protection and climate change and the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia invite aspiring pioneers and potential hosting organizations to apply to professional mobility programme Pioneers into Practice. The application deadline is 15th of April 2018.

    Climate-KIC’s Pioneer is looking for people from a variety of climate change backgrounds, fields of expertise and levels of experience to develop their skills and position themselves for the next big step in their careers. The programme adopts a ‘learning by doing’ approach through a combination of e-learning, workshops, a remote group working and 4 to 6 weeks paid placement – home or abroad – with host company or organization active in tackling climate change.

    The programme also offers interactive workshops, online training & coaching, individual and group project assignments focusing on real-world challenges, access to online e-learning on System Innovation which has been drawn from best practice across Europe, mentoring and coaching to improve innovation skills, and financial support available towards travel & accommodation.

    More information about the program and application details at the website:

  • Develop new products with the help of green innovation vouchers!

    Representatives of the United Nations Development Programme(UNDP), who are implementing the project “Climate Smart Urban Development Challenge” together with the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the support of the Global Environment Facility, have attended the March 13th Award Ceremony where EBRD’s (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development) green innovation vouchers were awarded. Over 70 companies submitted their applications during the first call while the second call will be open to companies from March 13 to April 30 this year.

    Green innovation vouchers, aimed toward the development of “green technologies” and strengthening the partnership between science and industry, were granted to ten Serbian companies from various fields of industry. The total value of the green vouchers is EUR 150,000.00 and their purpose is to cover 90 % of the companies’ costs incurred during the research and development of new products. With the help of the green innovation vouchers, small and medium-sized enterprises are given the opportunity to hire scientists from different faculties and institutes who will assist in the development of new products.

    The Minister of Environmental Protection Goran Trivan, the Minister of Innovations and Technological Development Nenad Popović, the Director of EBRD in Serbia Daniel Berg and the Director of the EBRD’s Energy Efficiency and Climate Change Team Terry McCallion all addressed the attendants of the Green Innovation Vouchers’ Award Ceremony.

  • The Generator Fluo Contest for the best student innovation – win a trip to Paris

    Societe Generale Bank has organized a contest called Generator Fluo which is open to students of all faculties in Serbia who wish to submit their business ideas. The main prize is a 7-day trip to the Technology Hub of Societe Generale Group in Paris, the final deadline for applying to the contest is April 09.

    The Generator Fluo Contest is open to all students, whether as individuals or as teams of up to three, who are studying in Serbia and are between 18 and 27 years old, with a desire to start a new or improve an existing business idea, regardless of the business activity. An expert jury will assess the innovativeness and the feasibility of the students’ projects and choose the best 40 who will develop a business plan with the help of an advisor. Ten finalists will advance to the last round of the contest and their projects will be featured on the website The winner will be announced before the jury, media, businesspersons and investors on May 31.

    Societe Generale Bank was the last year’s organizer of the contest Generator which awarded a million dinars to the best business innovation. This year’s contest Generator Fluo is endorsed by the Digital Serbia Initiative and the French Institute in Serbia, the European Youth Center and almost 70 faculties, universities and student organizations.